First Things First: THE RULES

Before I get ahead of myself and start blogging away about my legacy challenge, it would help if we all knew what the rules were that I’m playing by, right?

You can find the full description here if you want to get an in-depth knowledge of what it is I’m using for this game-play (or if you wish to start The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge for yourself!!) but if you just want a quick run-through of what I’ll be doing, here is the gist of it:

  • Start by making a new game and creating a Young Adult founding Sim who can look any way that you desire and have any aspirations and traits of your choosing.
  • Find a residential 50×50 lot and bulldoze anything on it and evict the family currently living in it (if there is one). The lot should cost $10,000 once this has been done.
  • Once the founding Sim has moved in, purchase the Knight of the Octagon table and place it in the family inventory where it must stay for the entirety of the challenge.
  • When it comes to choosing an heir, there are three categories of Succession Laws to choose from: Gender, Bloodline and Heir law. Within each category there are many options to choose from, but for the sake of keeping it short, I shall only provide the ones I have gone with.
  1. Gender Law: Strict Matriarchy – Only girls are eligible to be named the heir. Male children cannot, under any circumstances, be the heir to the next generation. If there are no girls to become the next heir then the challenge has been lost.
  2. Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional – To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born by the current heir and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be the heir to the next generation. If there are no naturally born children by the current heir then the challenge has been lost.
  3. Heir Law: Strength – The first born eligible child becomes the heir by default, HOWEVER, the title can be forcefully taken from them if an eligible sibling beats them in a fight. That sibling may also have the title taken from them (or taken back if the fight is started by the original eligible heir) if they lose a fight to another eligible sibling (Now the rest of this is something I added to keep this Law from becoming messy). Each sibling has only ONE chance to start a fight. If they lose when they are the one who started the fight, they have brought shame upon themselves and are no longer eligible to take the title.

In short, for my Legacy Challenge, only a natural born daughter of the current heir may be eligible to be next-in-line. The first born eligible child of each generation becomes the next-in-line by default however they may be challenged to a fight once by each eligible sibling if so desired in order to take the title from them.

  • Because there is a law within this challenge that can change who the heir is mid-generation, the title of heir can keep shifting from sim to sim until one of two conditions are met. 1) The previous heir dies, automatically giving it to the person currently holding the next-in-line position or 2) The current next-in-line heir produces an eligible child for the next generation. Once either of these two events happen, the title of heir is ‘locked in’ on whoever currently holds rights to it and cannot be changed.
  • No cheats/hacks/mods that would give an advantage (e.g money cheats are not acceptable, but a clothing mod is allowed)
  • No restarting after bad events
  • The only sims allowed to move in with the Legacy Family after game-play has started is a future spouse of any family member. Non-heir family members may move out but once they have done so may not move back in.
  • The Legacy Family must remain on the same lot for the duration of the challenge.
  • Lifetimes must be set to ‘Normal’, and Sims may not use any anti-aging items, nor can you bring a Sim back from the dead once the Grim Reaper has taken them.
  • You may not move out the Sims who currently hold the title of ‘heir’ or ‘next-in-line’. Anyone else can move out, however once they do so, they are ineligible to be heir, even if conditions change that might make them the rightful heir.
  • Your Legacy Family is the only family you may play within the Legacy Challenge save file.
  • Spouses may not bring in any money with them when they move in/marry into the family.
  • Non-heirs may get married and create ‘cadet-branches’ within the household.
  • The spouse brought into the household specifically to partner with the heir is known as the primary spouse. All other spouses of non-heirs are referred to as secondary spouses.
  • Over time, automatic generation of random townies dwindles, causing issues for choosing a spouse. To combat this, you may choose families to move into the world from the hashtag ‘#LegacyLoves’ in the gallery and any members of these families become eligible spouses.
  • If you wish to adopt a child, both your sim and their spouse must be alive and living in the same house. Children may only be adopted as infants.
  • Children must have their aspirations and traits generated randomly using the calculator here. Make sure you put the traits of the two parents into the calculator as they are a factor for the outcome. NO RE-ROLLING. The first generated outcome must be used.
  • You may not use fruit or music to influence the gender of a child during pregnancy.
  • Ghosts can live within your family however they cannot have jobs and they are not eligible to be heirs.

And there we have it – all the necessary rules in order to understand how I am playing this challenge! I hope there are some people who will read and follow along with me on what I hope to be a fun and interesting challenge.

The next blog post will be introducing my founding sim and the first week of their life!







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