I had to stop playing due to exam season, but I always planned to come back to it, when I’ve come back, something happened with my game and I’ve lost all the screenshots of the Erasme family up until Caimeille became an elder!

I don’t think I can continue based purely on how much has been lost. So for anyone that might be interested, I’ve written down the key details of what has happened to them all up to the point where I noticed I’d lost all the screenshots.

Caimeille found out she was pregnant again, she had another daughter that she named Kadyn. The two girls, Sarina and Kadyn both got A’s in school during childhood and Travis and Caimeille continued to get promotions until Travis retired after becoming an elder.

Caimeille continued to write books and paint masterpieces, once she became an elder she continued to get into her hobbies – she stopped going to the gym, but she continued to drag Travis round to nice places for dates, including a rooftop bar they frequent where they drink firey cocktails and sing kareoke!

Travis likes to play basketball in his old age with youngest daughter Kadyn – especially after he spent ages building the basketball court in the backyard. He and Sarina regularly go on father-daughter dates going to the coffee shops in different districsts to see which ones are the best.

Sarina continued to do well at school, she made lots of friends and aged up to be a beautiful teen. She had a crush on a school friend, Kellen Bakarat, but unfortunately he rejected her advances. She threw herself into her work even more, regularly flirted with boys without any commitment and began working on her charisma for her dream of being a world speaker.

Kadyn turned out to be a little pocket rocket – a social butterfly, she easily makes friends when she goes to the park to play. Her best friend, a boy called Kai Valentine, can always be found nearby and is a regular visitor to the house (much to Caimeille’s delight as she thinks he’s a particularly wonderful boy).

Travis has lived a wonderful life, and it won’t be long until he moves on to the next stage!

I will continue to play with the Erasme family behind the scenes, but thought it was better off if I started with a brand new family.


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