Swift: Week One – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Week One, Day One (Sunday)

This is the starting point for the house. I decided to randomise between three colour schemes – either neutrals, darks, or brights and the random generator chose neutrals (obviously). I’d rather that Kari start off with very little, but what she does have is half decent hence the more expensive choice of bed and the fact that I’ve ‘decorated’ a little bit. She literally only has that candle as a light right now, but I figured since her house is so small it would be sufficient for now.

Since she has only has 156 Simoleons left, I thought it pretty urgent that she get a job. Randomly selected, Kari will be working as a Media Intern in the Social Media career path. She earns 16 Simoleons an hour and works from 9am to 3pm.

05-17-17_7-29-20 AM.png

The work assignment was to create a social media profile – I randomly generated whether she should do it or not and the results were that she should do it – so of course our first stop is the library. Even though this is 2017 and you can absolutely create a social media profile on your phone, it is sadly not possible in the Sims 4. I suppose if you could do everything by phone then it wouldn’t be as challenging.

05-17-17_7-32-49 AM

Kari met Mortimer Goth after she was finished with work and decided to be rude to him. Not a great start. On the plus side it gives her something to rant about when she starts up her YouTube channel. Thankfully, she made a friend in Mila Munch (a lovely shot of the top of her head right there) who didn’t seem to mind that Kari picks fights with men in libraries.

05-17-17_7-39-21 AM

Shout-out to the librarian in snazzy glasses who clearly liked what he saw when Kari stepped in the room. God knows what Victor is looking at in the background.

05-17-17_8-01-47 AM.png

Later in the evening, Kari travelled to Windenburg and headed into the local bar for some dinner. Shocking prices. 18 Simoleons for a measly plate of fish and chips. Jesus. The bar was surprisingly empty, which is a disappointment. She did meet the legendary Don Lothario briefly – but let’s be real, is it worth pursuing a man with such severe commitment issues?

05-17-17_8-12-22 AM.png

After a long day, Kari slips into bed, ready for tomorrow and her first day of work.

Week One, Day Two (Monday)

05-17-17_8-20-15 AM.png

I made Kari work hard today and she came back trying to look all tense and sad to make me feel bad, but she did get a promotion to Engagement Monkey, now earning 23 Simoleons per hour, so I don’t know what she’s complaining about.

05-17-17_8-24-12 AM.png

Despite the good news, Kari still had to go to the gym just to have a shower. Any normal person would probably find that a little bit humiliating but she doesn’t seem to mind. She also had to go out to eat again which is just plain irritating because I don’t particularly want her to spend 700,000 Simoleons on a dusty old bit of bread, but there we are. We must do what is necessary.

05-17-17_12-17-32 PM.png

Before going off to eat, however, Kari was strolling around the gym in her towel (some might argue she has become too comfortable) and met Bella Goth, who was so nice she invited her out for food. Eliza Pancakes was also there. She’s not coming.

05-17-17_12-34-32 PM.png

They ended up having such a nice time that the two of them went to Oasis Springs and had a quick drink in one of the bars there. Kari had said that they should dress up a little bit, but Bella turned up in a dress nearly identical to the one she wears during the day… bit disappointing. I know you’re supposed to be sexy at all times but come on, Bella, spice it up a bit.

Week One, Day Three (Tuesday)

Thank god that you get fed at work if you’re hungry because the overpriced bar food really doesn’t seem to fill Kari up. The random generator decided that Kari was going to work hard at work today, so that is what she did.

05-17-17_1-34-54 PM.png

No promotion today, but seeing as she worked so hard we are well on our way – and Kari came home looking far more content than she did yesterday, so that’s good news. I can’t take any more of her rubbing her temples and groaning.

05-17-17_1-01-57 PM.png

Kari had spent so much time at the library that the librarian, Rachid, had given her his number. After being fed up of eating alone in bars, she invited him out to dinner at the local diner. Nothing too fancy. She couldn’t afford it. Rachid was dressed very differently to what I was expecting, to be honest. I was expecting another little cardigan number, but turns out he’s a tank top and toned arms kind of man, so that’s a nice surprise.

05-17-17_1-18-42 PM.png

The date went so well that Kari gave him a kiss at the end of the night! (Or maybe she just really liked his arms…)

Week One, Day Four (Wednesday)

05-17-17_1-26-44 PM.png

Despite a lovely dinner with Rachid, Kari still woke up feeling hungry. As usual she had to wait until she got to work because thankfully, she’s with the world’s most generous company that always seems to provide lunch. Thankfully, the generator said she only had to work at a normal rate today, because she went to work feeling uncomfortable.

Survey Flop

‘Kari sent out a survey to her team, but when the responses start coming in Kari realises that the data is practically unusable. When Kari is asked to present her findings to the team she has to fix it quick. 

Fudge the numbers or Resend the survey?’

The random generator has decided that Kari should fudge the numbers.

‘Everyone loves hearing how great the company is doing. Kari couldn’t have done anything better.’ – Performance gain – medium.

Thank god – those random pop ups give me anxiety lol.

05-17-17_2-58-05 PM.png

Kari was promoted! She is now a Clickbait writer earning 29 Simoleons an hour. Not the most noble of professions but at least she isn’t a lady of the night, I suppose.

05-17-17_1-46-08 PM.png

To celebrate, Kari and Bella went to the biggest nightclub in Windenburg – Discoteque Pan Europa (iconic). Kari doesn’t appear to be whipping out the sleekest of dance moves, but she definitely had fun all the same. I have no idea why she isn’t dancing with Bella – maybe Bella was embarrassed to be seen with someone so enthusiastic about shimmying her legs about? The nightclub also appears to serve food – not sure how much I trust that – you certainly wouldn’t catch me having a full main course on the dancefloor, but there we are. Today’s overpriced meal was Currywurst – I had to google what this is. I gathered it was sausage because it sounded German, but what a bizarre invention – curry ketchup?? I definitely want to try it.

After a drink, Kari felt brave enough to call Rachid and ask him to come celebrate too. Bella didn’t stay long after that (big third wheel vibes), she had Mortimer come pick her up. Thank god Mortimer didn’t see him or there would have been a big fight in the club. After Bella left, Kari and Rachid dancing the night away, flirting and kissing before going home (separately – Kari is a three-date-rule kind of girl. Views are entirely her own and not of the BBC, MTV or me).

That night, Kari got a surprise visitor. A vampire. Great. Just what she needs after a busy day on a work night. To have all the blood sucked out of her. Good. Bloody fantastic. She woke up at 1:45 outside her house with her face in the dirt.

Week One, Day Five (Thursday)

Kari went to work very uncomfortable and desperate to pee that day. Nothing I could have done about it, it was good ol’ Vlad’s fault, so I sent her off in a bit of a bad way to work at a normal level. I’m surprised the generator hasn’t switched it up yet and made her slack off – I’m glad of it though, getting promotions early on is exactly what we need.

She didn’t get a promotion today (shocker), but with all our promotion tasks completed, it shouldn’t be long.

05-17-17_2-21-59 PM.png

She spent the afternoon alone, recalling her trauma online to her pitiful amount of followers (140, for those of you that are so desperate to know) and searching for information on Vampires – we can’t be having that happen again! Her research led to her finding out that garlic tends to keep vampires away. Unfortunately she couldn’t purchase any garlic seeds without a computer at home, but it turns out that there should be some garlic already planted in Forgotten Hollow that she could purchase. Brilliant. Where all the vampires seem to live.

05-17-17_2-32-27 PM.png

While it was still daytime she made the trip up to Forgotten Hollow to find the garlic that the website had said would be there. She didn’t have much time because it starts getting darker much earlier here so she was pushed for time – lucky for her I have a pause button and can search without her help). She (me, it was all me) searched high and low, but couldn’t find a single piece of garlic. It would have to wait for another day when she had more time before the vampires come out.

After all the excitement, Kari decided that today was a complete write-off and that the best thing to do would be to get an early night. She called Bella and apologised that she had to cancel their dinner plans and instead had a quick meal by herself before retreating to her bed, hoping no vampires visited her in the night again.

Week One, Day Six (Friday)

Feeling a lot better today thanks to her full nights sleep without any vampires attempting to suck her dry, Kari appeared upbeat and happy. As a good luck charm in hopes of getting a promotion, we took a selfie.

For some reason, you can stick the photo to the window on the outside of your house. As amusing as I found this, for safety reasons, its best we don’t. She’s already getting attacked in the middle of the night as it is without advertising the goods in the window.

05-17-17_12-52-16 PM.png

We got another promotion! And as you can clearly see, Kari looks ecstatic about it all… This time we had to choose which path to take between Internet Personality and Public Relations. The generator chose PR – how very Samantha Jones. So Kari now works from 8am to 4pm as a Public Relations Coodinator and earns 44 Simoleons per hour.

Rachid decided to treat Kari to congratulate her for her latest promotion, so they went to the Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs. They had such a great date (despite Rachid choosing to wear clown shoes that I strategically cut out of all the photos) that the pair decided to become official!

Week One, Day Six – Founder Kari gets a boyfriend!

Week One, Day Seven (Saturday)

Seeing as Kari is now one half of a couple, it’s time to expand her house a little. I had to buy the grotty looking pre-used items but having a kitchen will make life so much easier. No sink though, so she’s just going to have to throw her plates in the bin outside. Hope she buys paper ones. Rachid still can’t stay round as there’s no double bed yet, but we don’t want to give up the goods too early so I suppose this is God’s way of reminding us not to sin x

05-17-17_3-38-10 PM.png

Don’t want to cause any house fires just yet, so Kari’s first meal at home was a simple fruit salad. Fire-proof and nutritious. A perfect combo (even if she does pick her ears and put her hands straight back in the bowl…)

05-17-17_3-51-17 PM.png

Today was a day dedicated to work. Kari blogged to her followers (all 840 of them – I know, it’s getting serious now), networked with journalists and practised writing for a few hours. Afterwards she was desperate for some fun, so she invited Bella to a venue she’d been asked to check out for work.

05-17-17_4-02-58 PM.png

The Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs turned out to be really fun. Neither or them were really dressed appropriately for the venue (although Bella looked far more comfortable than Kari), but it didn’t seem to matter. It was great to see Bella again – especially after bailing on her last time they were supposed to meet up. They ordered Fizzy Fruity drinks, watched sports games they weren’t really interested in (although the rest of the patrons seemed fully invested) and danced to pop music blaring out the jukebox. Bella and Kari became good friends that day!

05-17-17_4-13-02 PM.png

After her busy but eventually very fun day, Kari called Rachid to catch up and they agreed to go on a date to a Festival tomorrow – no matter what festival was in town, they would go!

And that is Week One done!!


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