Swift – Week Two: Home is Where the Heart Is

Week Two, Day One

As usual, Kari went to the gym to shower but as today was a special day, aka Festival Date Day, I decided to create a new everyday outfit for her to surprise Rachid with.

She met Rachid at the festival because he had to work at the library until 1pm that day. Once they got there, it turned out that the Festival being held today was Flea Market day, which, although not as romantic as… well, the Romance Festival, like Kari had had in mind, they still had a great day.

They ate Pho at a market stall, and although it was delicious it did make Kari realise that not only is she completely inept when it comes to Chopstick usage, she also cannot handle her spicy food very well.  She also haggled at the stalls just to get some dumb rock to commemorate their great day together – they had a great date!

Week Two, Day Two

05-17-17_5-31-22 PM.png

The daily grind starts again on this dreary Monday morning. Still not over the convenience of having a refrigerator and an oven in our own house! It almost makes me proud of what I have achieved – which probably tells you how little I have actually achieved. But anyway, today I had Kari cook scrambled eggs and bacon which she (probably) enjoyed immensely before work.

05-17-17_5-39-01 PM.png

She put her flea market stone on her bedside so that it’s the first thing she sees when she wakes up. It’s as unimpressive as we were all imagining. It looks like a rolled up sanitary towel. But whatever. #memz


‘A big celebrity is coming into Kari’s studio and she has been asked to fill the dressing room with items that the celebrity requested. Kari starts to gather the items when she gets to a request for coffee that has 20 steps.’

Do it anyway?

Pass it off?

The random generator selected ‘Pass it off’

‘Kari hands the list off to her coworker, who is happy to cater to the ridiculous list. It’s only after the celebrity has left and given Kari’s coworker a souvenir that Kari regrets her decision. Performance loss – medium.’

Well crap.

05-17-17_5-44-15 PM.png

“Bills have just been delivered to your mailbox. You owe 386″… Kari has 238 Simoleons…

Well crap.

05-17-17_5-54-14 PM.png

Thanks to our slip-up earlier causing a substantial work performance loss, Kari should probably be in the library working, but she had such a hard day I felt sorry for her and let her watch TV in the gym after her shower instead. She looks completely stupid not working out and just using the amenities, but hey – if it’s free, why not?

Week Two, Day Three

05-17-17_6-03-56 PM.png

Honestly sometimes Kari just needs to go in the bin. This is her at 6:12AM running to go and chat to Youssef.

Who is Youssef? I hear you ask, well I’m here to tell you that I have absolutely no idea, and neither does she. She has never met him before. She’s not even got a low social bar – she doesn’t “need” to talk to him.

05-17-17_6-05-57 PM.png

Look at her dumbass holding her plate of eggs and bacon, smiling away at a vampire who is burning to a crisp in the sunlight. I am fuming. And just two seconds after I screenshot this, Youssef and his friend walked away before Kari got a chance to say anything…probably because they don’t want to talk to a stranger who runs up to them with a plate of food at 6AM.

05-17-17_5-45-30 PM

Kari looks just as happy as me to know that she has received a promotion and is now a Community Manager earning 83 Simoleons per hour. We really starting to get that dollar.

05-17-17_6-17-42 PM.png

As a treat, I’ve purchased another counter, a sink and (hold onto your hats, guy) a double bed! Does this mean sleepovers? Let’s be honest it definitely means sleepovers.

05-17-17_6-45-49 PM.png

Seeing as Kari is an art lover, I thought it necessary that she goes to the museum for fun. So whether Bella likes art or not, she’s coming along for the ride. Here they are enjoying papier-mâché and lollipop stick boat made by Evan aged 8.

05-17-17_6-52-21 PM

The moment that Bella and Kari became Best Friends!

Week Two, Day Four

05-17-17_7-10-39 PM.png

No promotion today (I imagine her boss doesn’t want to promote someone who wears those shoes. I certainly wouldn’t. Surprised she wasn’t straight-up fired) so we’ve got to go and do some work to make sure she gets that promotion next time.

05-17-17_7-15-45 PM

After a loooooong shower (complete with embarrassing singing) and a boogie downstairs by the speakers to relieve her tension, Kari was finally ready to head on over to the library and get some work done. (I haven’t fed her yet so she’ll probably be moaning as usual but hey, nobody’s perfect.)

She worked hard all evening and ended up with lots more followers.

Week Two, Day Five

In desperate need of the toilet (her, not me), I had to wake Kari up and take her to the library in order not to wet herself. On the plus side, there were no vampiric visits at night.

05-17-17_6-12-17 PM.png

Kari has been promoted! She is now a Press Agent earning 142 Simoleons! Right now she’s saving up for a separate bathroom to built and I reckon by the end of the week she may be able to go to the loo in her own home and shot have to worry about the smell if she goes for a poo in the library.

Today was the day – Kari finally invited Rachid over to see where she lives and when he got here, what else was there to do except the doodly doo? He didn’t stay the night as Kari had work the next morning – and also who would want to sleep in a house where there’s no toilet?

Week Two, Day Six

05-17-17_8-53-03 PM.png

Although Kari clearly had a great time yesterday, it was at the expense of doing any of the promotion tasks outside of work. Which means today will be a very average day at work. The pay check will come in handy towards the new bathroom, however.

It turned out to be a pretty boring day today, Kari went to the library after work and tried to gain new followers. So far she has 1,690 followers (I know, she’s basically a celeb now) but she needs 2000 so she’s quite far off as of yet.

Week Two, Day Seven

It’s finally happened! Kari has a bathroom! And not even the cheapest items available! Granted, she only has 100 Simoleons left, which isn’t going to go well when the bills come through soon, but at last! She no longer has to go to the gym in order to shower or go to the toilet! Hurrah!

05-17-17_9-29-29 PM.png

Here she is going for a wee…

05-17-17_9-38-45 PM.png

Here she is practising her speech in the mirror. Got to get that charisma up if we’re going to charm all the new clients!

05-17-17_9-31-11 PM.png

And last one – here is Kari celebrating in a nice bubble bath! (Don’t know if you can tell, but I’m really happy with this latest progression)

05-17-17_9-41-47 PM.png

Today Kari did something really important (besides be forced to carry out a stunning photoshoot in her new bathroom), she asked Rachid to move in with her – and he agreed!

Important milestone: Founder’s boyfriend moves onto the lot! – Week 2, Day 7

05-17-17_9-49-22 PM.png

Check out this dishy face! Turns out that while not in my household and having never been played before, Rachid was allowed to be a librarian. As soon as Rachid moves in with Kari, however, he suddenly becomes UNEMPLOYED. At least now we get to randomise his career.

He is now a Paper Deliverer in the Critic career path, earning 21 Simoleons an hour.

The pop-up appeared asking if Rachid should do his assignment, but the random generator said he shouldn’t, so he won’t.

For some reason, Rachid brought 20,000 Simoleons with him when he moved in. As a young adult, that’s quite impressive, especially when he worked as a librarian. This definitely isn’t allowed so I used a cheat to change the money back to the amount of Kari had originally. It was tempting to spend it all, but somehow refrained. Congrats to me.

And that’s week two done!


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