Swift: Week Three – That Love

Week Three, Day One (Sunday)

Seeing as Rachid has now moved in, I think it’s time to give him a style upgrade, don’t you? Not that there’s anything wrong with him as such, but he can’t be wearing those atrocious wide-leg pants and socks with sliders whilst living under my roof.

Much better – and that outfit with the clown shoes – LONG GONE. Never again shall you see Rachid’s feet flapping about in the wind.

05-20-17_5-59-04 PM.png

FIRE! Kari tried to make herself some breakfast after Rachid went to work and then managed to set the kitchen alight. Oh and thanks to my overspending with the new bathroom, we won’t be able to replace anything for a while. Fabulous. (Just like the bathroom).

05-20-17_6-02-12 PM.png

She’s stuck with cereal instead. Idiot.

Kari used the insurance money to go for a spa day with Bella. This left shot is of them relaxing after a morning of yoga. Neither of them were very good at it, which surprises me as I’m always seeing Bella in the gym and honestly, doesn’t she seem like such a yoga mum?

05-21-17_7-38-02 PM.png

Once Rachid was back from work we still didn’t have enough to pay for the new counter and oven as he is currently only level one in his career. To combat this, we travelled to the library to practise his writing. It took all afternoon, which was boring for me because I had to sit there staring at him typing. But in the end, it should all be worth it because when he gets that promotion we should finally be able to get the smell of smoke and the ashy remnants of our kitchen counters out of the house.

Week Three, Day Two (Monday)

05-21-17_8-06-30 PM.png

After waving goodbye to Rachid at 6am when he went off to do his shift (he wouldn’t want to be late and lose his paper round to all his 14 year old colleagues), Kari went for a nice bubble bath. I want her to be in as good as mood as possible because she has to work hard today and it annoys me to no end when she comes back moaning and a-groaning.

05-21-17_8-15-10 PM.png

Rachid has been promoted to a Story Researcher and now earns 29 Simoleons per hour! Finally a job for a man his age. We also got bills today of 479 Simoleons, so his small bonus can go towards it.

05-21-17_8-23-15 PM.png

While Kari was at work, I took Rachid to the gym to make sure he keeps those toned arms that caught our eye when Kari fell in love with him on their first date. Turns out he’s really not great at boxing. Also, I realised today that he has the goofy walk, which I’ve discovered I find mildly irritating.

05-21-17_8-37-35 PM.png

There was no promotion for Kari today, but she did bring enough money home to replace the oven. I still  made the both of them cook garden salads (as displayed here by our lovely model, Rachid), I don’t fancy The Great Fire 2.0. Upgrading the kitchen may have to be the next big purchase.

05-21-17_8-43-19 PM.png

That night, Kari and Rachid had a deep conversation about their future They have a very strong relationship now and I’ve somehow managed to keep it going strong (I always end up neglecting relationships as soon as they move in together, but not this time!). I think an engagement might soon be on the cards!

Week Three, Day Three (Tuesday)

05-22-17_7-23-42 PM.png

Rachid spent the day doing his house-husband duties while Kari was out trying to bring home the bacon. He cleaned the counters and the bathroom, took out the trash and generally tidied. What a great boyfriend – Kari hasn’t done any cleaning the whole time she’s lived there.

05-22-17_7-45-42 PM.png

Kari has been promoted to Account Executive earning 227 Simoleons per hour. Not only that, but she received a rather large bonus and can now persuade other Sims to do various actions including persuading them to wear a raccoon outfit??? I will definitely be trying this out – also, Kari’s work outfit is SO much better.

05-22-17_7-52-15 PM.png

Bella invited Kari over and the random generator said we should go. The comparison between her house and ours is just plain embarrassing. Imagine if we had invited Bella round to our little Wendy house when she lives in an incredible gothic mansion. I shudder at the thought.

While there, Bella challenged Kari to a game of chess. Safe to say having never played chess before that Kari lost spectacularly. Amazing that she immediately knew the rules though. I really want to ignore the green waves emanating from Bella’s pits, but I just can’t. You definitely have a shower/bath in your house – why haven’t you washed???

She also met Bella’s children, Cassandra and Alexander. Honestly, Bella must have given birth when she was about ten for these kids to be as old as they are. She’s still a young adult and she’s got a teen and a young adult? Sure….

I tried my hardest all day to get people to wear the raccoon suit, but even Rachid wouldn’t do it. That will have to be an ongoing aim for now.

05-22-17_8-09-55 PM.png

Oh god. He turned up at our house at about 9.30pm and he had a thought bubble about Kari. For God’s sake, go away!

Week Three, Day Four (Wednesday)

05-22-17_8-15-24 PM

This morning both the toilet and the sink broke and spurted water everywhere. I don’t know exactly why the toilet would do this unless it has a bidet function I don’t know about. Regardless, Kari and Rachid worked together to get everything fixed despite both having work.

05-22-17_8-29-48 PM.png

The couple decided (well… I decided) to go out to the Shrieking Llama in Windenburg for a few drinks and to play some games. Thanks to Kari’s promotion they could afford to splash out on some nice drinks called the Salty Llama. They cost 66 Simoleons each!

05-22-17_9-01-21 PM.png

Rachid was really romantic all evening. He had written down his feelings and professed his undying love for Kari that night. It was all very beautiful, especially when he asked Kari to marry him and she said yes!

Week three, day four: Founder Kari gets engaged!

Congrats, lovebirds!

(Actually, it wasn’t a romantic evening at all. That’s just I want you to think. Rachid lost at the game they were playing and was salty af all evening and by the time he wasn’t sad and I could make him propose, it was ridiculous o’clock).

Week Three, Day Five (Thursday)

05-22-17_9-14-38 PM.png

Rachid was promoted to Beat Promoter and now earns 34 Simoleons per hour! Not quite Kari’s 200+ Simoleons per hour salary, but we can’t all be as successful as her, I suppose – and he’ll get there eventually! (I’ll force him to).

Part of the reason I’m making them work so hard for promotions is because children are so damn expensive and seeing as this is a legacy challenge, it’s a given that they will breed. Toddlers are so so expensive if you want them to reach their full potential. So, we need to save up as much as we can in order for Kari and Rachid’s children to have their best chances in life!

Unfortunately, date night messed with their sleeping patterns pretty bad (I’m looking at you, Rachid) and Kari especially had ended up coming home from work absolutely exhausted. So rather than going to the library and improving their skills for their promotion tasks like I had originally planned, they ate dinner and went to bed.

Week Three, Day Six (Friday)

05-22-17_9-27-01 PM.png

Is it just me or is 4:33am too late to be doing this discretely? I know people who have to get up for work earlier than that. Caleb Vatore is also supposed to want to be a good vampire. Apparently things change. Not only did this drain Rachid of all his blood and leave him passed out on the floor by the bed (thank god he’s got a day off), but Kari couldn’t get out of bed until he was gone. ffs.

05-22-17_9-30-17 PM.png

Luckily when Caleb did finally leave, Kari still had just enough time to cook herself a proper breakfast rather than having a bowl of unfulfilling cereal. She was feeling much refreshed after her long sleep and was ready for her last workday before the weekend could begin properly!

05-22-17_9-52-51 PM.png

Rachid spent the whole day feeling tense thanks to Caleb’s early morning visit. We saw him at the gym when I thought it might be a good idea to exercise the tension away, and I was tempted to make Rachid start a fight, but I realised he isn’t really that kind of guy (you never see a librarian engaging in fisticuffs, do you?) So instead I took him home to have a nice bubble bath.

With all of their savings (mostly Kari’s), I upgraded their kitchen. New counters, new oven, new sink, new refrigerator. There is finally somewhere for them to sit and eat too, and they can listen to a little bit of music while they do it thanks to their new stereo!

05-23-17_11-47-40 AM.png

The first thing they did (well, second. Feel free to imagine me wiggling my eyebrows suggestively) after Kari got home from work was make use of the new table and chairs by having her make Italian meatballs so they could sit down together and eat a meal at the table for the first time in their own home.

(Also yes, it does irritate me that I can’t centre the window but alas.)

05-23-17_11-58-37 AM.png

While Kari was in the bath, Rachid danced around their living room/kitchen/dining room/bedroom listening to the romance station on their new radio. I think he’s trying to do the Thriller dance here, but who can tell? His dancing is terrible.

05-23-17_12-03-36 PM.png

Great, Kari has some weird illness. That won’t alarm anyone when I make her go to work. I can’t buy her medicine so we’re just going to have to hope that it goes away on its own.

Week Three, Day Seven (Saturday)

05-23-17_12-18-55 PM.png

Kari woke up in the morning stripe-free (thank the Lord), so I made her go to the library to network with journalists online and practise her writing in order to get her next promotion. She’s already level 7 in her career – I reckon we could get her to the top of her field with just a little more hard work.

Turns out that today is actually Rachid’s birthday! We decided to celebrate by going to the restaurant where they had their first date. Not too expensive (after all, we’ve got a wedding to save for!) but everything was still delicious.

05-23-17_12-47-11 PM

When they got home, Kari had surprised Rachid by having a birthday cake ready for him! (Not really, they got  in and Rachid had put himself to bed while she was making it. I had to poke him awake to get him to blow his candles out.)

And that is week three done!


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