Swift – Week Four: Sunshine

Week Four, Day One (Sunday)

Today’s the day! Kari and Rachid are tying the knot. How lucky Rachid must feel to be chosen not only as a spouse for a member of our legacy challenge, but for the founder. And he’s only had to suffer about 88% of the time.

05-23-17_1-02-27 PM.png

Of course Kari has chosen to opt for a black wedding dress – she couldn’t just do it normally. It also seems a tad inappropriate that she matches Mortimer Goth, the man she first fought in the library. He only really got an invite because of Bella.

05-23-17_1-06-07 PM.png

Our pianist seems to have only learnt how to play the piano about two weeks ago, which wouldn’t be a problem if she wasn’t performing at a wedding.

05-23-17_1-08-52 PM.png

I can’t believe Rachid is doing sit-ups in his tuxedo on the ground in a park at his own wedding. Does he know how much I’m pretending to have paid for that suit? Insane amounts. Get. Up.

05-23-17_1-10-34 PM.png

The guests seem to love the pianist, having all crowded round it and cheering intermittently. Whatever floats your boat.

Kari and Rachid took their vows under a wedding arch in the park, which, while it was a beautiful setting, does mean some strange men in fishing hats do appear in the background of our wedding, but never mind. The ceremony was lovely – even if the guests didn’t sit down in the seating provided and even if the bride’s best friend sat away from the whole event to play chess with old men in fishing hats. Other than that, it was great.

Week four, day one – Founder Kari marries now-spouse Rachid!

As this is a matriarchy (take that, society), Rachid will be taking Kari’s surname and he now becomes Rachid Swift!

Week Four, Day Two (Monday)

As Kari is now an adult, I think it’s time to switch up her style a little bit.

These are all her everyday outfits. I’ve switched up the outfits in all the categories but for now this is all I could be bothered to screenshot. Sue me.

05-24-17_8-52-36 PM.png

It’s crazy how something as big as getting married can happen and yet before you can even blink it’s over and you’re back to the daily grind. On that note, here’s Rachid scrubbing the dirty toilet.

05-24-17_9-01-16 PM.png

Obligatory post about the bills – over 600 Simoleons this time. Look how smug the woman who delivered them is about it all. Cheers.

05-24-17_9-08-44 PM

Kari came home from work an absolute mess today. No promotion, her fun meter in the red, starving, exhausted. Pretty sure her employees have stopped giving out free food and have started using slave labour techniques.

05-24-17_9-13-53 PM

Rachid on the other hand came home cheery as usual and he did get a promotion! He’s now at the point in his career where it can go two different directions. He can choose to be an arts critic or a food critic. Of course, Rachid isn’t really choosing, I am. And of course, I’m not really choosing, the random generator is.

The random generator has chosen that Rachid will be a Food Critic and thus has now been promoted to Chow Chaser, earning 49 Simoleons an hour and working from 10am to 4pm.

05-24-17_9-22-37 PM

Since reaching adulthood, I’ve noticed that Kari has put on a little bit of weight, so I’ve made her go to the gym for a while and she even got some free training tips from the help of one of the gym trainers, Don Lothario!

Week Four, Day Three (Tuesday)

05-24-17_9-37-49 PM

Along with her new fitness regime, I’ve decided to put Kari on a diet based on the Sims 4 programming and how many calories (in-game – if you google it there’s a list!) are in each meal.

05-24-17_9-46-04 PM

Say hello to the new Director of Communications! Doesn’t that sound all fancy and important? Kari now makes 318 Simoleons per hour working 8am to 4pm. She also received a bonus of 2,722 Simoleons, so I think it’s time to extend the house!

An upstairs separate bedroom! Bliss! a bookshelf and a new sofa! Amazing! It cost over 9,000 Simoleons so thank God I was saving up all that time. Admittedly my choice in windows wasn’t the best but it’ll do for now. Building the houses was never really my strong point.

05-25-17_10-07-55 AM

Kari invited Bella and Izumi – an ex colleague of Rachid’s she’d gotten along well with at the wedding – to the gym to make working out a bit easier. Izumi disappeared to work out on her own and Bella looks like she’s having a rough time of it, but at least Kari looks like she’s enjoying herself. Weirdly. I never look like I’m enjoying myself when I’m at the gym. I don’t even look like Bella. I probably look like Eliza Pancakes.

Week Four, Day Four (Wednesday)

Oh no! Someone has been posting all over the internet about the new content for Kari’s game. Users are talking everywhere about it, and it’s time for Kari to step in and fix it.

Confirm the leak?

Stay silent?

The random generator said to confirm the leak. This led to Kari losing 200 followers. Not ideal. Especially as for her next promotion, Kari has to level up her charisma and get 5,000 followers. She has 2.6 thousand, so we’re still quite a way off.

05-30-17_12-55-08 PM

Rachid and Kari had another important talk today before work. They have decided that they would like to try for a baby. I’m going to have to put that on hold for a while (soz guys, wrap it up for now), at least until they have 5,000 Simoleons in their savings. Babies are expensive and after having the house extended we used up a lot of the money. Also, it will get bigger and need it’s own room with all the bits and bobs to go inside it – we can’t just go around reproducing willy-nilly!

05-30-17_1-00-42 PM

I do not know why Rachid is giving Kari the stink-eye here – he just go promoted to Food Stall Frequenter working from 10am to 4pm and now earns 73 Simoleons per hour. Perhaps he feels emasculated because he still doesn’t earn as much as his wife. Boohoo.

Week Four, Day Five (Thursday)

05-30-17_1-13-50 PM

Unusually, Rachid woke up before Kari so I decided to purchase some skill books for him so he could work on his writing and cooking even when at home (and without having to cook thousands of plates of scrambled eggs). He got stuck in straight away.

Rachid is on assignment at a new food stall when a plate of gnarly looking samples is put in front of them. “Try!” the vendor insists.

Try the Sample?

“No Thanks”?

My honest answer would be Hell. No. But then again, I’m not a food critic – he should probably be trying everything presented to him.

But the random generator has selected ‘”No Thanks”‘

Rachid brushes off the vendor and steps to the side. Another passerby tries the food and draws a crowd after exclaiming “Eureka!” (Unnecessary if you ask me, but there we are). Rachid tries to get a sample, but it knocked down as the hordes of eager foodies are drawn in. Performance loss – Small.

05-30-17_1-41-12 PM

Izumi invited Kari out for a drink at the Blue Velvet nightclub that evening for a few drinks but once again she left before we even had a chance to head inside. What is the point? I do not appreciate being messed around like this. Next time we see her, I’m going to give her a piece of my mind! (Well, Kari’s – me shouting at a screen won’t do much).

05-30-17_1-50-31 PM

All was not lost however, Kari decided to go into the bar anyway and met a few people while she was there – including Akira Kibo. It wasn’t lost on us that he is quite handsome and Kari flirted just a little too much for anyone to really be comfortable with. Rachid certainly would not be happy – but for now let’s blame it on the three sour punch drinks Kari had necked when she got inside.

05-30-17_1-57-38 PM

When Kari got home, Rachid was sitting waiting for her and reading skill books to get another promotion. All to make their lives easier. As she munched down on her garden salad, Kari suddenly felt very guilty for her flirtations with Akira and thanked God she would probably never see him again. And if she did, there would be no more flirting.

Week Four, Day Six (Friday)

05-30-17_2-05-37 PM

Kari had been having her suspicions, but after taking a test this morning, it was confirmed. Kari is pregnant! This is the first step in the legacy challenge that finally makes you feel as though it is going somewhere. Rachid looks pleased in this picture but honestly when I turned the camera around he was pulling the biggest bitch face.

Week four, day six – Founder Kari is pregnant with her first child from spouse, Rachid.

I changed the windows at the front of the house. I’m still not entirely happy with it and the roof definitely needs fixing, but for now it does the job.

Inside I’ve added a few decorations upstairs (plants, mirrors, etc) and downstairs I’ve added more paintings and plants and (drumroll please….) a TV!

05-30-17_3-04-04 PM

Kari had been ignoring a call from an unknown number for quite a while, but as it kept calling she finally decided to pick up and it turned about to be Akira who had asked around for her number (everyone in town seems to have it, after all). He was so persistent she agreed to meet with him for some food but only so she could tell him that he had to leave her alone from now on. She’s married, she’s pregnant, she is definitely not on the market. Besides, he wouldn’t be too upset, there were plenty of beautiful women who would be dying to date Akira properly.

But throughout the meal she could feel her attraction to him, and it was just too hard not to flirt even a little bit. Although whenever he took it a bit too far, she always made sure to shut it down. There was a limit to these things.

They didn’t technically do anything wrong although Kari couldn’t bring herself to ask to just be friends. Why couldn’t she stay away from this guy? That was where her guilt came from.

P.S Look at how ridiculous Kari’s boobs are. Surely not. No wonder he doesn’t mind that she’s pregnant.

Week Four, Day Seven (Saturday)

05-30-17_5-16-27 PM

Kari woke up looking exceptionally pregnant this morning. It’s amazing what a difference ten hours makes….

05-30-17_5-19-00 PM

While she ate her breakfast, Rachid used the new TV for the first time. It isn’t the biggest TV in the world, but it’s nice for them to have a quick pick-me-up when they need some fun. (Rather than me making them woohoo and bringing their hygiene levels down so they STANKKK when I want them to go out.)

05-30-17_5-23-42 PM

Today we left Kari at home to look after herself and relax while Rachid went to the gym to pump. Those. GUNS. The aim is to make him as muscular as possible because… just because. Go hard or go home. Look at dat face. That is the face of MALE AGGRESSION.


(Or he’s taking a dump but I’d rather not think about that.)

05-30-17_5-47-10 PM

Later in the evening, Rachid met Kari in the library to do some work. He wrote his colum (for whatever strange online magazine he apparently works for) and Kari networked with journalists and updated her blog to give all her followers the latest on The Bump™.

And don’t think I didn’t spy that flake, Izumi in the background, oh no. I did. And justice will be served.

05-30-17_5-51-07 PM

You see this angry face? Yeah. Izumi had to deal with all that wrath!

And that is week four done!



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