Swift – Week Five: Sunday Candy

Week Five, Day One (Sunday)

06-03-17_11-35-46 AM.png

Being pregnant isn’t all pregnancy glow and cute maternity outfits. Kari had to pee twice in the night and woke up with a dull, niggling back ache that she couldn’t ignore even if she wanted to. Lovely.

06-03-17_11-41-37 AM.png

Does someone want to tell me what the point was in me buying them a nice oven if it’s still going to break just as much as the cheaper options? Thankfully Rachid seems to know what he’s doing (although I was clenching my cheeks – the lower ones – hoping he wouldn’t get electrocuted and die the entire time.)

06-03-17_2-31-53 PM.png

Kari went to the library for some peace and quiet – Rachid had been overbearingly nice and helpful and it was starting to get on Kari’s tits, quite frankly. But who should turn up at the library but her little piece of eyecandy, Akira. She tried to get on with her work as best as she could, not wanting to start anything she couldn’t stop, but there were still a few flirty glances every now and then. Honestly, I can’t believe how keen he is – Kari is fit to burst any second with that bun in the oven and he’s still gagging for it.

06-03-17_2-44-21 PM.png

Bella and Kari went to a nice cafe in Windenburg in the afternoon for a late lunch. Kari had invited Bella specifically to ask her a very special question – would she be interested in being Godmother to the baby? Bella was over the moon to be asked, and of course she said yes – they took a selfie to commemorate the moment. Hottest milfs in the simiverse. Not going to lie, it does look a bit like they’ve posed with the intention of taking a picture of that barista’s flat ass… did not notice that when I did it.

Week Five, Day Two (Monday)

06-03-17_3-02-11 PM.png

In the early hours of Monday morning Kari wet herself before she could get to the bathroom. Whoops. Apparently this somehow translates to her looking like she’s been up somebody’s chimney but anyhoo. She needs a bath. And for this baby to be out of her.

06-03-17_3-12-13 PM.png

Ask and ye shall receive! Kari is having her baby! That machine only looks a tiny bit alarming. Especially when the claw pulled her heart out and put it back in again. No biggie.

It’s a Girl!

I didn’t name Kari back on day zero – I let it be randomly chosen, so I shall do the same for children born too. The new baby’s selected name is Dallas!

Week Five, Day Two – The heir for the next generation, Dallas Swift is born!

06-03-17_3-16-47 PM

Let’s ignore Kari’s spot – she apparently got very ill sometime between going into labour and giving birth. So irritating because this would be quite a cute photo without them.

06-03-17_3-27-02 PM

Despite just having give birth, Kari still went to work (a bit late mind you, but I think considering she was pushing a baby out of her they might give her a bit of leeway.) That means that Rachid was in charge of looking after Dallas for a while before he started work, and he even got some parenting skill. Well done dad.

06-03-17_3-35-50 PM

Rachid still had to go work that day so he couldn’t stay with Dallas the entire time, but it wasn’t all bad news because he was promoted to Restaurant Rater! He now works from 1PM to 7PM which means Dallas will spend very little time at daycare as opposed to nearly all day. It also means that Rachid and Kari won’t get a lot of time together during the week, though. Hopefully they’ll work something out.

06-03-17_3-39-46 PM.png

The house has turned into an absolute pigsty lately, so when she finally managed to get Dallas to sleep, Kari got on with some housework. (Honestly, she just gave birth, you think Rachid would have at least given the bathroom a wipe round, wouldn’t you?)

06-03-17_4-05-35 PM

Had to pay bills today. 972 Simoleons for our small, one bedroomed house. The cheek of it. You’d think this wasn’t real life and we were paying rent on the expensive furniture we’ve bought. I don’t blame Rachid aka King of Bitch Face for the face he’s pulling one bit!

Week Five, Day Three (Tuesday)


Rachid is trying the latest cuisine of hip new restaurant, but everything tastes like soapy water. It seems the kitchen staff isn’t paying attention. Does Rachid pan the restaurant, or praise it to remain in it’s good graces?

Pan it? or Praise it?

I would have done the same. Who cares about staying in a restaurant’s good graces when they don’t even care if they serve a reviewer good food or not?

Rachid writes a scathing review that’s hotter than the tepid food served at the restaurant. The community reacts overwhelmingly favourable. Finally someone had the gumption to speak out! Performance gain – medium.

Hell yeah!

Kari invited Bella over to see Dallas for the first time today. Unfortunately, Dallas was asleep for most of Bella’s visit, but at least Kari got to listen to some great parenting tips from Bella.

P.S. I love that when you go to the hospital you get a birth certificate for your baby. How cute!

06-03-17_6-13-48 PM

That evening, Kari and Rachid finally spent some time together for the first time since Dallas was born. It was only indoors, snuggled up watching a movie, but it made them realise they’d been missing an important part of their lives. (Sorry guys, I’ve been neglecting your relationship again, whoops.) They need to spend more time together regularly and just the two of them (although good luck with that when Dallas becomes a toddler, lol.)

Week Five, Day Four (Wednesday)

06-03-17_6-39-03 PM

Kari has been promoted to Vice President of Public Relations (all public relations). She now earns 399 Simoleons per hour and works from 8AM to 3PM. Again, doesn’t leave much time for her and Rachid to spend together during the week.

06-03-17_7-48-41 PM

Kari had had a rather stressful day, so she spent the evening watching TV and trying to relax. Thanks to her recent promotion, the money is coming in thick and fast so a house expansion should be on the way soon. Especially as it’s Dallas’ birthday soon and she’ll be needing her own room!

Week Five, Day Five (Thursday)

Dallas has aged up and is now a toddler! She has many traits to choose from and the random generator has decided that she is Angelic aka an idyllic, easygoing Toddler. Never defiant, she won’t throw a tantrum and can easily talk to strangers. The random generator has definitely thrown me a bone here.

These are her first four outfits (top left: Party, top right: Sleepwear, bottom left: Formal, bottom right: Everyday). Just having a quick look at her features, Dallas looks like she’s going to look similar to Kari as she grows up apart from the blonde hair. But it’s anyone’s guess as of yet, because it’s too hard to guess with toddlers what they’re going to look like.

As you can see, we’ve made quite a few changes to the house. A lot of toddler stuff on both floors, Dallas has her own room and downstairs there is now a computer! This should make things a lot easier. 06-03-17_9-20-19 PM.png

How adorable – as soon as Kari disappeared for work Dallas pulled this face and felt sad at being left behind. On a different note, I’m slightly concerned at her portion sizes – Kari fed her a bowl of cereal bigger than her head!

06-03-17_9-27-49 PM.png

Dallas had needed a midday nap, so Rachid read her a book to help her go to sleep before he had to go to work as well. They had a nanny coming in while they were both at work, and he hoped for the most part that Dallas would sleep through and not notice that both her parents were gone.

06-03-17_9-37-50 PM.png

Kari came home from work at 3PM – and luckily Dallas hadn’t been awake long enough to cause much of a fuss that she was left with a nanny. Despite Kari coming home, the nanny decided to lurk behind the stairs in front of the bathroom door. Who knows why? I think we may have to fire him.

Week Five, Day Six (Friday)

06-04-17_9-09-31 PM.png

The morning started with potty training Dallas. Lucky Kari, the day starts best with the smell of poop, as we all know.

Kari (me, I did it, I scoped round the gallery for a while) found a playground of sorts that offered a room for toddlers to play in while Kari sat upstairs with Bella (great parenting, there.) Bella revealed to Kari that seeing Dallas had made her feel broody and so she and Malcolm had tried for a baby once again, and Bella had gotten pregnant! Considering how old Malcolm is, I do have my suspicions that the baby probably isn’t his, but I don’t dare get Kari to ask.

06-04-17_2-19-57 PM.png

As Kari was teaching Dallas to say sorry after she had made a mess everywhere, this guy turned up to apparently scare the living daylights out of the children. Thanks a lot, jerk. Kari was not pleased with him, and shouted a whole lot. It was a bit embarrassing to watch to be honest.

06-04-17_2-24-38 PM.png

Akira turned up a while later (convenient, it’s almost like he was the guy in the Darth Maul costume, but of course, I would never), bringing his niece to the playpark for the evening as a treat. This time they kept it (mostly) platonic- Kari was too aware that Dallas was here and how she definitely shouldn’t be doing what she wanted to be doing. Akira asked if they could go somewhere privately another time and have another talk about it all and Kari just couldn’t bring herself to say no.

Week Five, Day Seven (Saturday)

06-04-17_4-09-22 PM.png

Dinner was at the fanciest restaurant in town, and the pair got to dress up all fancy. Annoyingly, Rachid spent majority of the time on his phone, so it wasn’t exactly the most fun evening out. Kari ordered the buffalo wing tea and the cubed ahi with veggie wasabi matrix and Rachid had the lobster tortellini and a glass of Granite Falls Grappo Blanco. It was an expensive meal and it took bloody ages for it to arrive but the pair seemed to enjoy the meal. A lot more than they seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

06-04-17_4-44-47 PM

Rachid left early. He didn’t like the idea of Dallas being left in daycare for that long even though Kari had assured him that Dallas would be absolutely fine. But he insisted he should go, and left as soon as he had finished his meal – not even allowing enough time for Kari to finish hers. So she finished her dinner alone, refusing to have her evening completely ruined for no reason.

Feeling annoyed, alone and neglected, she called Akira and asked to have that chat. She knew full well it was a bad idea as she was doing it, but she just wanted to feel wanted for once.

06-04-17_4-55-45 PM

The cupid juice was definitely a bad idea. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen two people have sex in a bush but it is not dignified, and doesn’t work well with a white dress. Whoops. Classy move, guys.




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